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Organization serving the poor by providing them with food - the necessity of life.

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Chennai mini marathon 2016.

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An inspirational book for LIFE.

About us

Life comes on earth to fulfill a work. Each life is meant to fulfill a mission ordained by God, the Lord of creation. Man has to take up special duties imparted by the divine will. Nothing in nature is for itself. Rivers don't drink water, trees don't eat their fruits, the sun does not give heat and light for itself. Water touches all, belongs to all, all living beings can quench thrust with it.

Similarly Mr. Aadhi & Mr.Prabhu's life was undoubtedly like a stream of pure water whose tireless effort was to help poor people. They strongly believed that those who are privileged to have wealth should contribute significantly to try and create a better world for the millions who are far less privileged as the best way to serve. God is to serve man. Living for others was the way of their life. They are attributing their life in the service of the society and burning themselves like a candle to give light to millions.

We are defined as a group of people from various regions and different cultures who come together and make a FAMILY. We make a chain of FRIENDS (Donors-Volunteers-Coordinators) who get connected with each other through a thread of Emotions-Feelings-Love.

We strictly follow a NO-MONEY policy.

We get wonderful food from thousands of kitchens, to hungry stomachs awaiting us at their homes. So, the time has come to share your love with everyone around the world. There is no rich; there is no poor. All we need is your heart, and an open door.

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Conceptualized and created by Let’s Feed Chennai (LFC), the Chennai Mini Marathon is not just an attempt to creat awareness about Let’s Feed Chennai, but also about touching lives and spreading the message of fitness through the simple act of running.

Let’s Feed Chennai is planning to organize a running event in Chennai and finally after much deliberations we have decided to organize a 10 Km run at Marina Beach on Sunday 11th September 2016 starting at 5:00 am from Marina Beach.

This 10 Km run will have 2 loops of 5 Km each.

This event is a timed event & is being conducted under the aegis of LFC (Let’s Feed Chennai).




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Be a topper

An inspirational book by Mr.Aadhi

The aim of Education goes beyond instruction in language, Mathematics, History, science etc.

Education aims at building up excellent character in the Students and shaping them as worthy citizens who live a well balanced, disciplined and principled life.

As they are our hope and will play a defining role in the future of our Nation.

It is important that they cultivate noble aims and worthy goals in life.

To be successful and come out in flying colours in life is the natural ambition of all.

This needs their fundamental qualities of “competency and commitment” .